Frequently Asked Questions

LEGO Certified Professional?

We are a fun bunch of creatives who share great passion
in building and love of all things LEGO. For more
information, you can take a look here.

Can I commission you to build a/an _____?

I can build ALMOST anything that stirs your imagination.

There are certain themes, designs or creations that I
would not be able to help where copyright and legal
issues may concern. I would not take on any commission
work that may cast a direct or indirect negative image
to the brand and company either.

To be certain, please kindly email me what you have in
mind and I try my best to bring to life what you want
using the bricks that we all love.

How long would it take to design or complete my

This is usually determined by 4 key factors; complexity,
size, scale of work involved and shipping.

Designing a commission can take 3 to 14 days base on the
4 key factors. Construction on a commission could take 7
to 90 days. I can ship to anywhere in the world by normal
air or surface mail. Express mail such as DHL or UPS is
available too if you want your commission sent to you in
the shortest possible time.

I would not be able to take on a new commission if the
time line is too short and when I'm already engaged in
prior to another commission or event. The earlier you
can contact me with plans you may have, the higher the
probability I would be able to design or build for you.

I'll be glad to help you figure out or answer any of
your queries.

I have question that's not answered here...

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