Forester (dressed up version)


Birthday Present


A commissioned job from a nice lady hoping to surprise
her boyfriend on his birthday.

She approached me after seeing some of my past LEGO®
designs and creations. I had about a month to design and
deliver the final model. Her boyfriend owns a black Subaru
Forester that has been dressed up with front lip and decals.
I had to design the LEGO® model base on 4 pictures she took
from her mobile phone. It took about 2 weeks to design and
2 rounds of reviews with her before purchasing all the parts

I settled for a 7 stud wide base for the car with a 6 stud
width top half. I felt 8 studs may be too wide for minifig
scale. I also squeezed in as much details as I could without
exceeding the budget I was given. Although this is a minifig
scale model, I used some building techniques commonly
found in the miniland scale cars.

The final model sits 4 minifigs nicely front and back. The 4
doors are streamlined to the car body as seen from front
and top. The bonnet, hatch back and car doors can all be
opened and closed with ease. The car roof can be taken off
to sit the minifigs. The front lip's rounded corners are made
by using two 3 x 2 plate with hole. For the final touch, I
printed stickers for the car number plates and the decal
found on it's front. Lastly, I added two minifigs that had
resemblance to the couple.

For more pictures, please follow the link here to Brickshelf.

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