Polar Bear


Wedding Anniversary Present


A friend approached me to design a present for her husband
to celebrate their wedding anniversary. She thinks he's like
a polar bear; cute, round and loves to lounge around. The
design went through 3 different stages of designing. She
also noted she would like a little 'love' reminder on the base
where the polar bear sits on.

I wanted to give this design a 'stud-less' look from the start,
hence why many tiles were used. The bear’s head was the
first thing I worked on before moving on to the body and

After showing her renders from phase 2's design, my friend
wanted to change her idea to a sitting polar bear. Though
I had the option of modifying the design, I decided to redesign
it from the scratch again. The final design renders was
shown to my friend before I purchased the required bricks
for the building. I'm very glad both her husband and her are
happy with the present.

For more pictures, please follow the link here to Brickshelf.

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