Loving You Day & Night


Loving You Day & Night


Every day we share with our love ones are a blessing. You
don't always need a special reason or day to express your
love for the person next to you...or giving them a unique
gift out of the blue to surprise them!

Our lifestyle series kicks off in 2007 with our very first
'Love Automata'! This is a really unique and special gift
fantastic for Valentine's day, anniversaries, birthdays or
just to put a smile on someone's face. :)

All automata are put together carefully for you using only
ABS safe glue ensuring strength. The front sticker are all
laser colour printed for quality. Upon request, the sticker
can be personalised with both your names on the front;
alternatively you could always pen your own little message
or poem in the given space. All automata are numerated

The centre piece inside the big heart with a day and night
scene rotates when the handle is turned, hence the
expression; 'Loving You Day & Night'.

Loving you day..

& loving you night

Automata animated (you may need to turn on the option
to play animation in webpage to see it.)

There are only 5 pieces available and we are taking
pre-order now. It will be available for collection in
February 2007. For request on customising the front
sticker, you may need to pre-order before end of
January 2007. For any enquiries and orders, please
kindly email to blackbulb@yahoo.com! Thanks!

Artist side notes: This is one of the two 'Love Automata'
designs we will be creating for 2007. Automata have been
around for centuries. From early toys or tools demonstrating
basic scientific principles to more contemporary works,
automata have often been a marriage of artistic creativity
and principles of mechanics. Hence I can't think of a more
appropriate medium and challenge other than using LEGO®
elements to create automata. This creation used a total of
156 elements, consisting of Basic, Technic and Clikits parts.
It measures 10cm in width, 4cm in depth and 16cm in height.

For more pictures, please follow the link here to Brickshelf.

I hope you will like this original creation as much as I had
fun designing it. Thanks for all the kind support as usual.
Wishing in advance, a beautiful year ahead to all of you.

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