Wings of Love


Wings of Love


This is my second creation in the 'Love Automata' series
after Loving You Day & Night.

How the heart grows fonder and desires to cross the
distance of space and time.. :)

Crank up the automata and the heart flutters and fly!

Wings flap up..

& down

Automata animated (you may need to turn
on the option to play animation in webpage to see it.)

Artist side notes: This is one of the two 'Love Automata'
designs I will be creating for 2007. This creation consist
of Basic and Technic parts. It measures 16cm in width,
7cm in depth and 16cm in height.

The winged heart is supported by 3 pieces of 2x2 trans-clear
round bricks to add to the illusion of it floating above the
pedestal stand. Making the wings flap with the constraints
of the above mentioned elements and a 2 studs width interior
space (inside the heart) is part of the trickiest step in
the process of making the automata.

The other challenges would have to be the precise
measurements needed to have the wings move the maximum
circumference and hiding carefully all that's making the
wings flap.

For more pictures, please follow the link here to Brickshelf.

I hope you'll like my latest creation. Cheers!

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