Fireman Gift Box


Birthday Present


Just like the Wedding Gift, these two commissions came with
same tight datelines (less than 1 week).

This lady wanted a special gift for her boyfriend. She had an
engraved dog tag made and want to incorporate it into the
LEGO® creation.

She eventually picked one of the ideas that I suggested. It's
a 2 piece 'vignette' box. The top part is a mini street scene
with a billboard (which actually is a photoframe that holds
their picture together), fireman (because her boyfriend's a
fireman), drain covers (just grill plates) raised pavement and
road (tiles of grey in 2 colours).

The bottom part have the boyfriend's fireman number
designed into the front. The space inside was where she hid
the engraved dog tag.

I managed to get all the needed elements to complete the
commission. It was designed and delivered in 2 days.

Artist side notes: The photo frame may look familiar
because it's modified from my Plimy (Photo Frame Bear).
A photo can be easily inserted by removing the 2 pieces
of 1x2 plate with door rail on the photo frame.

The 3 key points I wanted when designing the photo frame
1. Able to hold and secure a photo in place in a simple
solution that can be easily modified for different
scenarios and incorporated into other creations
2. Easy for remove and inserting of photo
3. Maximum display space for a photo using only LEGO®

What you can see now is the one of two frame designs
I shortlisted from the 8 different ideas I had originally
came up with.

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