Retro Rocket for LEGO® Singapore Road Show 2007


Retro Rocket


For this year's LEGO® road show held in Singapore, our
local AFOL group was out to create the biggest GBC
(in size). Everything was blown up in scale and we
have golf balls running around and through the exhibits.

For this event, I created a special sculptural piece for
LEGO® Singapore to act as one of the main pillars.

The Retro Rocket measures 1.65m tall and 1m wide.
Lego® Singapore provided all the elements (basic bricks)
needed for this creation and the road show.

It's made up of 16 different parts and pieced together
at the exhibit area. Using only the key colours from the
LEGO® logo, it took about 13000 LEGO® elements to build.

The different parts of the rocket

Building the Retro Rocket
(you may need to turn on the option to play animation in
webpage to see the animated gif.)

After some quick sketches and working out the colour
schemes, I move on to design the rest on my computer
using MLCad.

Testing out different colour designs

Working out the basic shape

It was tricky yet fun to design in the LEGO® logo on the
Retro Rocket because the body is very streamlined and only
28 studs width at it's widest. Extra care is made to make sure
the LEGO® logo would always appear clear from all angles
even with the curves.

One of the most loved brand and logo ever!

Another challenge was to design it with proper weight
distribution so the 4 fins can be sleek and thin, yet strong
enough to support the main rocket body without using any
internal metal frame nor glue.

The Retro Rocket have 2 small removable blocks on the body.
It's walled out to make place for a ball track to run through

It is on display now at Toys"R"Us Vivocity Singapore.

Artist side notes: I also helped out in designing and
building some other themed pillar components that doubles
as product display stands at the road show. This event
marks the 3rd collaboration between LEGO® Singapore and
our local AFOL Group, S0937FG (17 members). 9 other
pillars for the big GBC exhibit were made at the venue
over 24 hours.

For more pictures, please follow the link here to Brickshelf.

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