Wedding Gift


Wedding Gift


Like the Fireman Gift Box, these two commissions came with
same short delivery dates (less than 1 week).

This lady have 2 close friends that's getting married in a
week's time and she wanted to present the couples each with
a wedding gift. It's meant to be a small display piece to be
placed at the reception table and a personal gift after
their wedding banquet.

I gave her a few suggestions and she went for the mini
wedding cake idea.

Due to the short dateline, I could only buy whatever needed
LEGO® elements I could get hold from a local toy shop.
The rest of the elements was made up from my own stash of
LEGO® (new mint parts from MISB sets).

Luckily, I managed to complete this model in time for her
to present it to her soon-to-be-wedded friends. Designed
and completed within 2 days.

For more pictures, please follow the link here to Brickshelf.

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