Curtiss-Wright J2 Fury


Curtiss-Wright J2 Fury


This is a private commission from a friend. The J2 Fury
is one of the planes from a computer game titled Crimson

It contains 713 elements in total. The wing span measures
38cm across, 25.3cm from front to back and 10.1cm in
height when the wheels are not extended.

Laser coloured stickers carrying the insignia were printed
and delivered with step-by-step building instructions in
a PDF file.

A view from the top

Cockpit details

This minifig scale model is stuffed with details from the
interior cockpit to the exterior. Gamers might have
noticed from references and pictures available on the
internet did not show how the wheels work or how the plane
lands. I had to invent and incorporate them into the design
while staying true to the plane schematics without changing
the look of the plane.

Bottom section where front wheel is hidden discreetly

Front wheel extended

It was great fun designing the J2 Fury and faithfully produced
it as a LEGO model. To see more pictures and early design
renders, please follow the link here to Brickshelf.


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