Certis Cisco City


Certis Cisco City


This is a special commission for Certis CISCO. They operate
the largest Auxiliary Police Force in Singapore and provides
protective security for a lot of esteemed organisations all
over the nation.

This modern City is an exhibit that measures 3m by 2m,
consisting of over 20,000 elements. It's a customismed and
fully detailed mini city with an airport, harbor, hotel,
shopping mall, apartment and fairground.

High end security cameras from Certis CISCO will be set up
to interact with the exhibit. Some features of the city
have been specially created for interaction with the cameras.
The harbor crane and airport engineering building have both
been designed to include LEGO® Power Functions IR Receiver,
M-Motor and Battery Box. They can be remotely triggered to
move using the Power Functions IR Remote Control.

Power Functions IR Receiver, M-Motor and Battery Box is
incorporated into the design of the modified crane to lift
and lower container boxes

Airport Engineering building's moving belt can be remotely
controlled by a Power Functions IR Remote Control to
transport the container

Some SNOT (Studs-Not-On-Top) techniques are also used
in assorted buildings and structures where details are

Air Traffic Controller Tower with Slope Curved 8 x 8 x 2
Double/Inverted Double (used for airplanes) modified using
SNOT technique as the body

SNOT detailing to the Billboard made for Certis CISCO to
place their ad (their real ad shrunked and printed onto

All the key buildings and structures in the City are
designed and created modularly for easy transport and
setup. Tiles and plates are used as markers on baseplates
throughout the layout to shorten the setup time with minimal
fuss. Rest of the smaller buildings are created in prefixed
sections for quick assemble too.

Hotel that's made up of 14 modular segments with lobby,
check-in desk and lift.

Shopping mall that offers a bistro, pizzateria, chocolaterie,
florist, bike store, record outlet, luggage store and pet shop.
The Shopping mall can be arranged in 32 configurations by
swapping around the shops

The Executive Apartment consists of 1 stairway,
4 apartment and 3 roof modules

1 section of the apartment and roof modules.
A taller building can be made by adding more apartment

Airport Engineering building only consist of 3 prefixed

Other than the interior of buildings, a lot of other small
details can be found in the City exhibit. They range from
vehicles, ferris wheel cars with working gates, fairground
pushcarts to harbour warehouse and many more.

Executive Apartment interior with bed, couch, tables and

A cab and a hatchback

A deliroast stand and ice cream pushcart

The Certis CISCO City will be on display from 13 to 15
January 2008 at Intersec Middle East (Za'abeel Hall,
Halls 1-5, Dubai International Convention & Exhibition
Centre, Dubai, UAE).

Artist side notes: This project took 24 days to design
and build (acquiring and shipping of elements took about
4 weeks in addition). It's a combination of alternate
models from existing retail sets and designed-to-request
buildings to meet the client's tight deadline. A huge
thanks to the all the staff of Group Marketing and
Communications from Certis CISCO who helped out and for
commissioning me to build this.

Pictures at the exhibition and future display details
would be updated when it's made available. Best regards
and wishes for a successful exhibition to Certis CISCO,

For more pictures, please follow the link here to Brickshelf.

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