Remember That Moment


Remember That Moment


The simple moments in life that people share and the
little things that strings up the life stories.



Automata animated (you may need to turn
on the option to play animation in webpage to see it.)

Artist side notes: The first of the 2008 'Love Automata'
series is a minifig scale creation. Mixtures of Basic and
Technic elements are used. It measures 23cm in width, 10cm
in depth and 18cm in height.

The initial design had a clock with working hands, but it
was changed to 2x2 round tiles (with clock pattern) for a
simpler and more symbolic approach. I guess a non-moving
clock defines the phrase "Time standing still in that
moment of bliss" better and more befitting to the theme
of the automata (remember 'that' moment). To summarise,
this creation is about reflections in our daily lives and
holding dear those special times spent together with our
love ones.

The last part of the design phase was to simplify the
creation and enhance on it. Two key factors (for me) was
to keep the size of the automata small and figure out the
simplest solution to move the swings. A small flower bed
was also added to further romanticise the mood and feel
of the automata. Lastly, all possible gears and axles are
integrated (or hidden), making sure only the necessary
moving parts will be visible (the swings and hand crank
at the side of the base).

Thanks for your time and I hope you'll like this creation.

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