Li (力)


Li (力)


This is a special creation dedicated to the people who
survived and moving on after the Sichuan earthquake.

It's made up of 5 small models, each depicting a
simple scenario and message. The models could be piece
together to form the Chinese character 'Li' (when viewed
from the top) which symbolise strength, endurance and
perseverance in times of adversity.

Li (力) can also mean the drive or energy when people unite
and come together.

Red is used as the key colour here to signify vitality,
positivity and passion for life. White is chosen as the
base colour to reflect a new beginning, optimism and faith.

Renewal - Planting a new beginning

Share - Giving to the less fortunate

Comfort - Care for the elderly

Rebuild - Reconstructing homes

Encourage - Hearten positivity to the children

Angled view of Li (力)

Side view of Li (力)

Artist Side Notes: Even after donating to the cause, I felt
I could do a little more to contribute as an artist in
encouraging the victims who have suffered. This creation
was made specially for the cause.

My interview and first publication of pictures on this creation
can be found in the July 2008 issue of City Magazine (號外).

City Magazine is an established and Award winning Hong Kong
/China magazine which explores and covers culture, trend,
fashion, design, innovation and lifestyle on the local and
international scenes. This monthly publication is produced
by the influential media group in China, Modern Media Group.

A big thanks to City Magazine for publishing this creation.
I sincerely hope Li (力) would send a positive message
to the people in Sichuan who are rebuilding their lives and

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