Rover Mini


Rover Mini


This is a minifig scale model of the classic Rover Mini
from the early eighties.

To keep the scale to the closest, I decided on a 6 studs
wide car frame after some photo measurements and
blueprint comparisons.

Despite the small size, this model doesn't skim on the
details. Over 200 elements are used in total for this

The tricky bit I suppose in creating this piece was really
the limited elements available in green. It also took quite
a while to source out all the needed parts to put this

I'm very delighted to be commissioned to build a Mini. It's
an all time classic and one of my favorite cars. A big thanks
to Ken from Japan for this wonderful opportunity to share
your passion for the Mini and the chance to make this
creation for you. Cheers!

For more pictures, please follow the link here to Brickshelf.

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