Color Easter


Color Easter


This mosaic piece was created for a charity event over 4 days in
Hong Kong. The picture depicts a hurdler leaping over obstacles
as a positive message to encourage Hong Kong citizens to strive
and move forward in the current economic bump.

Titled '齊心共同跨越障礙,發揮香港精神' in Chinese/Mandarin,
it translates as 'Let the spirit of Hong Kong radiate, unite as
one and overcome all obstacles'. This mosaic creation consists
over 64000 pieces of 1x1 plates (measures about 2.6m x 1.5m)
and was built with the collaborative effort of HKLUG members.

Group photo with HKLUG members. Taken on the last night when
the mosaic was completed (click to enlarge)

Exhibit area (click to enlarge)

This mosaic piece will be auctioned off at the end of the event and
all collected proceeds will be donated to Suicide Prevention Services
in Hong Kong. Apart from the mosaic picture, this event
would also be showcasing Nathan Sawaya and my creations (8
pieces each from both of us).

Appreciation letter by Suicide Prevention Services for
contribution in the charity event (photo from Betake
Marketing Limited)

Launch of the event and exhibition (photo from Betake
Marketing Limited)

Kattie was also specially created and unveiled for the first time
as a gift to the invited guest, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) during the
opening ceremony.

Kate's pendant and bangle were made from LEGO elements
a day before the event (photo from Betake Marketing Limited)

Color Easter is on now at Metro City Plaza (Hong Kong) from
4th April 2009 to 13th April 2009.

From left; Chiu Keung (LEGO Ambassador & HKLUG member),
Kate Tsui (TVB Artiste), Nicholas, Hot (HKLUG Member)
(photo from Betake Marketing Limited)

Event Poster and details (click to enlarge)

Artist Side Notes: So many individuals, friends, companies and
organisations have contributed to made this event possible. In no
specific order, I would like to extend my warmest regards to;

Henderson Land Development Company Limited
(恒 基 兆 業 地 產 有 限 公 司)

- Thank you for your generosity in funding, sponsoring the venue
and hosting this charity event/exhibition.

Betake Marketing Limited
- My gratitude to everyone of you who have work unbelievably long
hours with such dedication and passion to make this work. Your
coordination and team effort are fantastic from the start to finish,
even to the tiniest of details. For all the warmth and friendship
extended, thanks!

- To all the HKLUG members who volunteered your time to help in the
building of the mosaic piece, it was great fun working together and
a real pleasure to meet all of you.

Suicide Prevention Services (生命熱線)
- For their positive spirit, effort to help the needy and less

I would also like to extend my thanks to all press and media (the
reporters, photographers, interviewers, writers), Yvonne Lam
(LEGO Hong Kong Ltd), TVB Ltd, Kate Tsui, host/M.C. and the public
who have donated for a good cause and their support.

I look forward to other projects in the future where we can work
together again. It's an honour and my pleasure to be a part of this
event. Cheers!

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