Bricks Jamboree


Bricks Jamboree


Bricks Jamboree was a mini exhibition commissioned by
Changi Airport Group. It's the first time a collection of
creations by three LEGO Certified Professionals (Nicholas Foo,
Sean Kenney and Dirk Denoyelle were showcased together in
Singapore and in an airport.

Some of my creations and models on display

This two month long exhibition was opened to the public and
tourists in Changi Airport Terminal 3 (B2 Mall) in June 2009
and in Changi Airport Terminal 2 (Transit Area) in July 2009.

Changi Airport Group also commissioned a LEGO mural
measuring 4m x 2m, titled "Connecting The World".
A total of 115,200 pieces of 1x1 plates went into creating
this art piece.

Singaporeans and tourists from all over the world were
invited to participate in the building of this mural,
which depicts the three main airport terminals and the
iconic control tower.

The participants ranged from adults to young children from
all walks of life and countries. For some, building with LEGO
elements was a first. The public and tourists infused their
time and spirit through the piece-by-piece and fun building
process. In retrospective, people around the world connected
and left collectively a part of them in this unique piece of

"Connecting The World" will on displayed in Changi Airport
Terminal 2 (public area of departure hall) in November
2009 and will be housed as a permanent art installation.

Artist Side Notes: This exhibition was made possible
with the kind effort and time of many people. In no
particular order, I would like to give my thanks to;

Changi Airport Group
- Special thanks to Jonny and Lydia for coordinating
and helping out throughout the planning process and
during the 2 month long exhibition. A big thanks to
Changi Airport Group for commissioning me the mural
and sponsoring the venues for this memorable
exhibition to showcase works of LEGO Certified

Visual Studio Singapore
- My appreciation and thanks to everyone in the events
company who helped out, especially Larson and Anson.

My fellow LEGO Certified Professionals, Sean and Dirk
- For all your time given and these wonderful sculptures
both of you have shared with the visitors. It sure gave
all the Singaporeans and tourists a chance to see your
creations up close. Looking forward to displaying our
works together again, or perhaps a even bigger show with
all 9 of us. :)

I would also like to extend my thanks to Angeline (from
8Days magazine) for the interview and Adlena for the
editorial in Changi Class magazine. Last but not least,
the public and tourists that supported the exhibition
and those who joined in the building of the mural.

Looking forward to collaborating more exhibitions and
events in the future. Cheers!

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