We Are One


We Are One


“We Are One" is a CSR project by MediaCorp, CapitaLand
and LEGO Singapore. It was initiated by MediaCorp to
raise at least one million dollars for charity.

I am honoured to be commissioned by the organisers to
design for this meaningful event and I am very glad I
can do my part for charity to help raise funds for the
needy in Singapore.

For this event, I have designed a 8m x 5m Singapore
island with relief and 6 familiar icons of Singaporeans.

Singapore Island

This island relief consists of 240 baseplates and contains
close to 500,000 pieces of bricks. Over 440,000 of them are
2x2 bricks in assorted colours for sale as part of the fund
raising. The lowest point in height for this model is 2 layers
(2 bricks) high and the highest point is 16 layers (16 bricks)
high. The organisers have also suggested to keep the 240
baseplates self-contained and not built as one solid island
model. In order to maintain the strength and integrity of the
model, extra time had to be spent on the design to make sure
each baseplate are built with proper interlocking technique.
The final model would be locked in by the red border brick

A grid system had to be planned with layer-by-layer building
instructions produced for all 240 baseplates. Using the
print-outs, volunteers and members of the public helped in
constructing the Singapore Island over a span of 5 weeks.

The Singapore Island model also made it into the Singapore
Book of Records for the largest Singapore map made of LEGO
bricks (in terms of length and width).

The exhibit piece have been dismantled and all the bricks
used to construct the Singapore Island model were packed
into 3000 gifts bags. These will be donated to the
underprivileged children as well as senior citizens in
daycare centres before Christmas 2009.

City Hall

One of our historical and colonial style architecture that's
still standing proud in front of Padang.

Changi Airport Tower

One of our most recognisable icon for both Singaporeans
and tourists.

Cable Car

This years-serving cable car will be remembered in years
to come as it make way for the new model.

Port Of Singapore Authority

One of the busiest sea port in Asia, built in microscale.

HDB Flat

Public housing that any Singaporeans would be familiar

Merlion (redux)

A refreshed and updated Merlion model from one of my
earlier prototype. This redesigned model uses some of
the newer LEGO elements and includes a newly designed
wave base.

Renders of the Singapore Island and all 6 models are
still viewable from this link.

Artist Side Notes: This project was primary challenging
due to the short time line we had.

Due to the big amount of LEGO materials needed, I had
only 5 days to design and finalise the Singapore island
model right down to the exact colour and piece count.
This is to ensure LEGO Singapore would have ample time
to order and ship the bricks needed.

Most of my time was to spent on researching for the
island model and the 6 icons. I had to give attention
in capturing the essence and all details possible for
the 6 iconic pieces, especially since all of them had a
limitation to fit within the dimensions of 36 studs x 36
studs base not exceeding 40cm high. I made new discoveries
along the way too during my site photography and research.
These are little details that have been easily missed even
though we have passed them by countless of times.

40 days were used in total for the research and designing
of the 6 icons.

In total, researching and designing the Singapore Island
with 6 icons took 810 hours of work in 45 days. Knowing
that this would help raise funds for the needy, I feel it
was well worth the time spent.

Many other parties also played a huge role in making this
project possible, they are;

- For initiating this project, Hee Yah from MediaCorp
Productions played the key role of getting the event
rolling. There's also Monica who toiled long hours
coordinating between all the different parties involved.
Credits goes out to MediaCorp and all artistes that
promoted this event actively in the drive to help raise

LEGO Singapore
- For their generous sponsoring of bricks for this
event and donating all bricks after to every child
in the beneficiaries.

CapitaLand and Sun Hung Kai Properties
- For sponsoring the event and running it at one of our
latest shopping malls, http://www.ionorchard.com/

Lastly, my admiration and thanks to the volunteers,
event organiser, TV crew and news team for their
interviews and write-ups to promote this project.

For everyone who have donated regardless of the
amount, thanks again!

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