Joey Number 6


Joey Number 6


This commission by JY6 Joey Yung International Fan Club
(Singapore) is a gift for their idol at her concert in
Hong Kong (November 2010).

It measures about 78cm x 32cm x 43cm (L x W x H) and is
made up of 6721 pieces.

It is constructed in the normal studs-up method with main
text and logo protruding from the block (on front and
back). The JY6 logo on both sides are built similarly
except the word Singapore, which is in SNOT (Studs-not-on

Apart from the centrepiece, JY6 also commissioned 4
alphabets each measuring around 32cm x 8cm x 32cm (L x W
x H). These 4 letters made up Joey's name and serve as a
compliment to the big 3D plaque.

Special thanks to;

Lily and Wing from JY6 for your commission and going
such lengths to have them flown to Hong Kong.

I hope the concert went smoothly and Joey love these
pieces your club are surprising her with. If you have
any pictures to share of them in Hong Kong or Joey next
to the pieces, please let me know! Cheers!

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