DR x BB TO-FU [okan]


DR x BB TO-FU [okan]


This is a very special collaborative project with the famed
DEVILROBOTS of Japan! It is likely the first time two artists
of different genres have got together to present a creation
such as this.

This project took us about two and a half years to realise
and it was finally revealed in November 2010. It was a
limited release and exclusive model only available by
commissioning, not for direct or retail sale in any stores.

Fans got to meet Shinichiro (of DEVILROBOTS) and me during
this year's Singapore Toy Games Comic Convention when they
collected their commissioned pieces. We had a great time
meeting the fans, taking pictures and autographing for them.

Although this model was initially for commissioned by fans
in Singapore and Japan, we hope to extend it to fans from
other countries in the near future (please keep a look out
for news on DEVILROBOTS website, their facebook fan page
or my site for any announcements!)

A huge thanks to all the fans again for the awesome support,
cheers! :)

Pictures from DEVILROBOTS at STGCC 2010
Photo courtesy of DEVILROBOTS

Artist Side Notes: I would like to thank all who have played
a part in this really exciting crossover project;

- Shin, Koto and all at Devilrobots! It has taken us a long
time to finally get to this point and now we can share our
joy with the fans. Without you guys coming up with all these
wonderful and fun characters, this project would not have

Cheers to our friendship and I sincerely appreciate sharing
this journey together with all of you! More to come!! :D

Play Imaginative
- To Denise, Darren, Jacky and friends at PI, thanks for all
the support and effort given throughout this project!

Photo courtesy of PLAY IMAGINATIVE

- Thanks to FEWMANY for aid in taking commissions from Japan
/overseas and getting this into the hands of fans outside our
sunny island.

- Thanks to iweekly magazine for doing a feature on me, Shin,
and covering our collaborative piece. That's to you Dion for
your time and Kelvin for taking pictures, cheers!

Photo courtesy of Dion, at STGCC 2010 :)


DR x BB TO-FU [okan] is a collaborative project by
DEVILROBOTS and blackbulb

TO-FU Oyako and DR x BB TO-FU [okan] design by DEVILROBOTS

Model design by Nicholas Foo (blackbulb ©)

LEGO ® is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group of

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